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Who Am I?

Hi, I’m Rachel. I am a mum, a runner and a writer. I am an ex-Commercial Litigation solicitor, a qualified personal trainer, a business owner and the author of my own destiny. Any day that consists of running, writing, and contributing to help others, is a good day in my world.


I run marathons; have abseiled off Table Mountain, jumped out of a plane at 11,000ft, climbed Mount Fuji, worked on a game reserve in South Africa, been on Top of the Pops, qualified as a scuba diver, and ridden an ostrich. I am currently in the process of writing my first book

Following my legal career and personal experience of running and managing my own successful business, I now utilise my skills and experience to offer professional consultancy, writing and project management services. Simple really.


I love receiving feedback on my work. I also want to engage with others who feel they can relate to myself or to my work in some way, so please get in touch if that’s you or your business.


My philosophy is to be yourself, express your own passion and your skills, and the rest will take care of itself.

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